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I was on YouTube watching some videos and I came across a video from one of my favorite influencers and noticed she had gotten microblading done over the weekend. She has naturally dark brows but they were sparse and had some empty spaces so she decided to fill the spots in as well as give her brows more definition. She recorded the entire microblading process and her healing process as well which was really helpful for me as I was considering getting the procedure done myself. While it was scary imagining getting my eyebrows tattooed onto my face this specific cosmetic procedure is very natural. The microblading technician will carefully draw in thin strokes that resemble real hair so that it blends in naturally and doesn’t look too dark and thick. The results looked fabulous on her and I was excited to schedule my own appointment. I knew how important it was to go to a good and experienced technician because the styles differ from person to person. Some technicians are amazing and make it look so natural that you can’t even tell that they aren’t real hairs, but others are not that great and create caterpillar thick hair strokes that look terrible. I was doing a lot of research and found the perfect lady to do microblading for me.

Another concern for me was the healing process. I had heard about the long healing process that took usually 3-4 weeks. Having very sensitive skin I was slightly worried that my skin would have a bad reaction to the microblading. The healing process consisted of darkened brows for a days to weeks, irritation, itching, scabbing, and peeling of skin. Once that phase was over the color would return to the original color you want and the skin around that area would heal and look normal again. However, I still wanted to take that risk as my eyebrows are very light, thin, and nonexistent. Without my brow makeup, I look like I don’t have eyebrows. They are light and slightly over plucked and I wanted to try microblading to not only create the shape of my eyebrows but also to darken them so that my brows look thicker as well. After deciding that I wanted to get it done for sure, I called the microblading business and scheduled my appointment. I really liked who I chose because she was respectful and really wanted to make sure that she could deliver the brows exactly as I wanted. She was well aware of the effects on confidence and self esteem this could have for many of her clients so she took the job very seriously. I anxiously waited for the day of my appointment and everything went very smoothly on the day of. I loved the way she took her time and made the shape of my brows exactly the way I imagined. I am so satisfied and happy with my microblading results! I took good care of the area afterwards and didn’t have too many problems with skin irritation. Check out eyelash extensions near me for the best services in Houston!